For years the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) has installed an exhibit at the world renown Philadelphia Flower Show. Since becoming a member of AIFD in 2002 I have participated at the flower show either as a helper, featured designer or chairperson. This year I was part of the set-up team. In my opinion this is the most exciting part of the show. I love to see the convention center transform into spectacular gardens and floral displays. The installation is not the most glamorous part of the show. With the loading dock doors open, it is usually quite cold. It’s certainly dirty from all the mulch and soil being moved by the landscapers. Worst of all is the awful smell of diesel fumes from the trucks moving rocks, trees and mulch.

The end result is magnificent landscaped gardens and floral displays complete with blooming trees, shrubs and flowers. Often included are structures, buildings and fences, sculpture and water features. Take a look as the AIFD exhibit “A Walk Amongst the Redwoods” comes to life.