Floral Inspirations has been enjoying a busy spring season, spreading the  flower-love with armloads of tulips, daffodils and iris. Workshops were taken on the road to several different groups to hone design skills and simply enjoy some colorful spring flowers.

In one class, flowers were arranged in a vegetive style to mimic how they actually grow in a garden. A terra cotta dish was used to contain the “garden”. If you look closely you’ll notice a hand-crafted bamboo trellis and whimsical butterflies that accented these designs.

A second class focused on the vegetive style with an emphasis on plant material native to Delaware. True to the design style, blooms, branches and accents of moss were arranged as they would grow naturally in a field or garden.

In another class a basket of colorful spring flowers were arranged to create a lovely centerpiece. The special design feature was a handle of boronia heather to accent the basket. This eye catching flower only blooms for a short time in the spring. These hot pink bell shaped flowers grow on a woody bush just like other varieties of heather, but these have a distinctive fragrance.

Finally, in conjunction with the local tulip celebration, a workshop was held focusing on iconic springtime blooms. Mono botanical arrangements of frill, parrot and multi-petaled peony tulips were arranged in bubble bowls with intertwined grass accents.

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