I love sunflowers. All different varieties, colors, shapes and sizes. They remind me of another favorite, Vincent van Gogh. I love his still life paintings of sunflowers.

For this workshop I wanted to illustrate how we can create a really interesting design using only one type of flower. As you can see by the pictures below, everyone showed off their creative skills. We started by coiling grapevine around the basket. This creates a lot of movement. Our eye goes on a journey in and out and all around the composition. Next we added some foliage and then the sunflowers. We worked with three different varieties: Teddy Bear (they don’t have a center, just all yellow petals), Inca Gold (the standard yellow petals with the dark center) and one of my favorites, Ring of Fire – a name that’s really suitable. We finished the design with some accent flowers and voila! Another creative masterpiece!

Who knew an arrangement of only one type of flower could look so great? Everyone learned so much and had a fun time working with flowers – and then take them home to enjoy! Hope to see you at the next fun, creative and educational workshop.

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