At the end of June I relocated to Lewes, Delaware. It’s a lovely and charming town known as “the first town in the first state”. I live in a development called Senators where I held my first hands-on workshop to members of the community. Thankfully we have a beautiful clubhouse to hold such events. As you can see in some of the pictures below, we’re a very active and social group. I enjoy sharing my passion for flowers and floral design with anyone that will lend an ear! I had lots of takers for this workshop.

I had two large boxes of flowers, herbs and ornamental grasses flown in from a farm in California. Everyone was amazed with the selection and assortment. Often when making an arrangement of wildflowers the challenge becomes knowing when to say “when”, especially when there is so much beautiful product to choose from. We were all like kids in a candy store!

Check out the great pictures below from the Summer Wildflowers workshop. Everyone had a great time and took home some really amazing arrangements. With a great group like this, the end result is a wonderful, unique and personal design to be enjoyed for days and days. See you at the next workshop!

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